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Where am I and what am I doing?

Last updated: 27 May 2023

I currently work in the Merchant Platform team at GoTo (Gojek Tokopedia Hold Co), where we are focused on building an analytics platform for the entire GoTo ecosystem. Our goal is to create a no-code analytics platform using Grafana as the foundation. We have extended Grafana's capabilities, including customizing dashboard styles, internalizing dashboard configurations, implementing dynamic custom role-based dashboards, and integrating it with our identity platform.

The technology stack we are using for this project includes:

  1. React
  2. TypeScript
  3. Grafana framework
  4. Jest for testing
  5. Microfrontend architecture
  6. Golang
  7. React hooks
  8. React Router
  9. i18n for internationalization

In addition to my main responsibilities, I am also exploring full-stack JavaScript development. As part of this exploration, I have built a project called "auction" which can be found at https://github.com/tenosiswono/auction. This exercise project is built using the following technologies:

  1. Next.js as the base framework
  2. NextAuth.js for authentication
  3. Prisma as the database ORM
  4. Tailwind CSS as the CSS framework
  5. tRPC for end-to-end typesafe APIs
  6. Supabase for image uploading and Postgres server
  7. Inngest for handling background jobs, crons, webhooks, and workflows
  8. Vitest as the test framework
  9. Pusher for WebSocket communication to handle real-time data

For my next exercise project, I plan to build a no-code platform. Drawing from my experience in modifying and extending Grafana, I want to create a more universal platform that allows users to build custom websites without writing code. I intend to leverage t3stacks, similar to my previous exercise project, to streamline the development process and maintain consistency across projects.